About Us

Grassrooter supports a new form of entrepreneurship – activism entrepreneurship.  Project sponsors, known as Grassrooters, can pursue the issues they vent about (or just plain care about), find and connect with likeminded people, and create immediate and tangible results.

Grassrooter is a crowdfunding community where people of all persuasions can pursue projects that improve their communities and neighborhoods.  No longer do you have to buy a button, sticker, or lawn sign to help a candidate who may or may not win or may pursue a different agenda when in office.  No longer do you have to buy a button, sticker, or lawn sign to help a candidate with whom you disagree on certain issues.

This portal allows Grassrooters to fund the projects that have an immediate and measurable impact on the issues that they care about most in their communities and neighborhoods.  From social to economic to culture to environment, Grassrooter supports projects across a broad range of topics and issues.

Want a better environment?  Grassrooters can crowdfund a cleanup project or create a recycling program in their community.  Want to raise awareness of social issues?  Grassrooters can sponsor publicity campaigns.  Upset about flag burning?  Grassrooters can crowdfund to provide American flags to their neighbors.  Have a neighbor in need? Crowdfund to get them the groceries they need. Of course, these are just a few possibilities. Indeed, Grassrooter also hosts projects where Grassrooters seek funding for a new local business or product focused on improving the world.

Grassrooter’s Founder has frequently volunteered on political campaigns.  He created this portal to allow Grassrooters to remain engaged after the lawn signs come down and bumper stickers are removed until the next campaign.

Grassrooter is unaffiliated with any political party, campaign, and cause.  Rather, Grassrooter serves as a vehicle for people to carry out projects and support the issues they care about without resorting to the political process.


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