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5 Ways To Be A Grassrooter in 2017

At times, grassroots is an elusive concept in American life. Does involving people make something grassroots? Does involving only a certain group of people make something grassroots? Does involving other people make something not grassroots?

Whatever the answers, Grassrooter is a vehicle for people to come together and support the projects that they believe will make their communities better.

Here are just some ideas for how to be a Grassrooter:

1. Crowdfund affordable housing for the homeless in your community;

2. Crowdfund leaflets and brochures to raise awareness of an issue affecting your community;

3. Support artists who draw attention to the issues you care about;

4. Create a project to improve the environment; and

5. If you do not have a project in mind, reach out to your friends and colleagues to invite them to this community.

Grassrooter relies upon its members to spread the word via Facebook and Twitter.

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Welcome to the Grassrooter Blog

Thank you for visiting the Grassrooter blog!  From time to time, we will update this blog with information about interesting projects and success stories, as well as public recognition of our Grassrooters.

This community depends upon the energy and enthusiasm of Grassrooters and Seeders like you.  If you’ve been considering a community-focused project, please consider giving it a go!  It can be virtually anything, from creating a composting system in your neighborhood to repairing a dilapidated building down the street.  Or, it can be an awareness initiative focused on bringing attention to an unfairness in your community.  Or, it can be as simple as something to help a neighbor out.

There are many reasons why you should grassroot with us.  Here are just a few!  Most of all, grassroot with us because you will get to engage with people like you, who are interested in making their communities and neighborhoods just a little bit better.

To get started, please visit our homepage!  Thank you for visiting us!  Oh, and don’t forget…please share this with your friends, families, and neighbors!

And, by the way, if you have a suggestion or see a bug, contact us!