Grassrooters and Seeders love to see success.  Not only do fully funded campaigns show how strong this virtual community is, but they make our communities and neighborhoods stronger too!

While Grassrooter is still an early stage community, here are some suggestions to help you on your project:

  1. Include as much detail as possible about your project, what it will do, why you are doing it, and how you plan to spend the money you raise.
  2. Include as much media as possible to show what your campaign is all about.  If you are creating a product, post a mockup.  If you are starting a business, post your logo.  If you are cleaning up a blighted storefront, show us the blight.  Grassrooter allows you to post pictures/images as well as video, so you have plenty of options to be visual!
  3. Use social media as much as possible to promote your project.  While plenty of Grassrooters and Seeders visit every day, they do not have the same interest in your project as your friends, family, and neighbors do. Reaching out to them via our social media widgets will only help your fundraising prospects and strengthen the Grassrooter community!
  4. Offer creative rewards!  Grassrooters and Seeders love tangible rewards for their participation!
  5. By all means use other approaches to reach potential Seeders!  This crowdfunding platform is focused on local issues/projects, so by all means, reach out to a local newspaper, radio station, or blog.
  6. Communicate frequently with Seeders!  Grassrooter is integrated with MailChimp, a platform allowing you to easily communicate with supportive Seeders.  Grassrooter also allows you to post updates and FAQs, so your Seeders and supporters can get the information they want and need.

Of course, there are additional strategies for success in crowdfunding.  Feel free to consult other crowdfunding guides as well.  Thank you for considering Grassrooter for your crowdfunding needs.

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