Why Grassrooter

Thank you for considering Grassrooter for your project!  Grassrooter strives to be the most useful crowdfunding platform on Earth.  Here are some reasons why you should crowdfund on Grassrooter, not anywhere else:

  1. Grassrooter allows you to keep more of your fundraised money than other platforms.  Grassrooter’s platform fee is 4.75%, which is lower than many competing platforms.  On Grassrooter, like other crowdfunding platforms, Stripe will collect standard transaction fees.  (And, if you have already started a campaign on Kickstarter, you can post the same campaign here and get a better return on your fundraising efforts.)
  2. The Grassrooter community is focused on the same issues and topics as you.  By posting a project on Grassrooter, you are reaching a dedicated community that is likely to be most interested in the things you care about.
  3. As an early stage crowdfunding community, your project will get more visibility on Grassrooter.co than older platforms!

Your needs are important to us, so if you would like to discuss Grassrooter more, please e-mail us.

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